The Numerology Therapy and Cosmology of Alcoholism Gambling and consequently Sexual Misuse

On the whole four decades ago I managed to get a book entitled You see, the Cosmic Doctrine by Dion fortune. It has been awfully my bible of cosmology and numerology since. I’ve acknowledged it in simple books and writing suitable for decades, including an written content where I reflect immediately after the state of numerology in our time An old but relevant Practitioner Reflects Upon Numerology and the Missing Trinity. The truths of now this book, which was developed in , are being well-tried recently in discoveries modern day cosmology and quantum science. psykolog stockholm landstingstaxa of creation and its ongoing whole process is one of vibration, cycles and rhythm.

Numerology is the research of vibration, cycles and simply rhythm. Numbers are stationary symbols that reflect my dance of angles not to mention frequency of interacting associations people, planets, elements linked with nature, everythingeverywhere from littlest particle of creation towards galactic dance of unity and divergence. Central for this entire dance of construction are the three fast basic movements of expansion, contraction and resolution centrifugalcentripetal and balance, yinyang and / or Tao, etc. This ‘s reflected in sub fischer actions, as well for example the Big Bang postulation of galactic evolution what type of acknowledges the expansion and has now not yet grasped each contraction phase.

Ancient spiritual teachings related this to the breathing in and exhalation days on top of that nights of creation in the breath of the Originator When using symbolism of represent this process frequently use a circle that has inscribed unilateral triangle. On represent the attributes for this creator we give on one occasion of the triangle this particular designation of Will, revenue Wisdom, and the again Love. To anthropomorphize gives you these human traits we have ascribe them as Grandfather masculine, Mother feminine as well as the Child the product , resulting state of ones own union. All of such symbolism and explanation is without question clearly presented in Center of Numerology by this guidance author.

In archetypal numerology the numbers . , and have become associated with most certainly. The numbers , and are associated with the help of wisdom. And tinier businesses , and perhaps may be associated with absolutely adore.